5 Beginner Friendly Orchids

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Orchids are incredible plants and never cease to inspire and amaze. Here are 5 orchids we think are perfect for anyone who wants to grow orchids indoors. These plants are easy to grow and flower readily, making them perfect for anyone staring out or looking to get someone else started on their orchid journey!

Brassavola nodosa


You may be surprised to find a species at the top of our list, but this orchid is perfect for beginners. Incredibly tough, these lithophytes (rock loving) can be found in the wild growing on seaside cliffs, sometimes in full sun! They are well adapted for harsh conditions, and will thrive as long as they have adequate air movement and light. They are pollinated by a nocturnal moth and have a sweet fragrance at night. These will grow best in bright indirect light and warm to hot temperatures.

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Oncidium Tsiku Marguerite

A descendent of the famous Oncidium Twinkles, this cute little Oncidium is perfect for beginners and experts alike. With a compact growth habit and sweet fragrance, this orchid makes the perfect desk or office mate. Onc. Tsiku Marguerite will grow best in medium to bright indirect light and cool to warm temperatures, although it will grow in dappled light as well. 

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Odontocidium Wildcat

Full of beautiful long-lasting flowers, Odcdm. Wildcat has a very similar culture to Phalaenopsis. It will grow best in dappled light (medium light) and cool to warm temperatures, making it a great choice for indoor growers. There are an incredible variety of Odcdm. Wildcat clones, each with their own unique expression of yellow and red on the flowers. 

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Dendrobium Mini Snowflake

One of our favorites here at the farm, Den. Mini Snowflake comes highly recommended. With a compact growth habit, the sweet smelling flowers last months, and we have seen ours bloom multiple times a year. These cute plants are incredibly hearty and are known to be happy in a wide range of conditions. It will grow best in medium to high light (dappled to bright indirect light) and cool to hot temperatures. 

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Dendrobium Jaqueyln Thomas 

Impressive, tall spikes full of fragrant flowers characterize this particular Dendrobium. Originally developed by the University of Hawaii for the cut flower industry, it's a primary hybrid of two species, Den. gouldii and Den. biggibum. Plants tend to be just over a foot and a half tall, with sprays of flowers reaching another foot above that. These plants will do best in bright indirect light and warm to hot temperatures. 

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