About Us

Aloha friends!

Welcome to kalapana orchid farm, where orchids run wild and free just like our spirit! We're a family-run farm on the Big Island, also known as the Orchid Isle, where the sunshine, rain, and trade winds come together to create the perfect climate for growing the most beautiful and fragrant orchids you'll ever experience.

We take great pride in cultivating a diverse array of premium orchids, some well-known for their radiant hues, distinctive patterns, intoxicating fragrances, and long-lasting blooms. Each of our orchids is hand-nurtured with the Aloha spirit in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Whether you're an orchid aficionado or simply seeking a unique and stunning addition to your home or greenhouse, Kalapana has something for everyone.

We are orchid enthusiasts who've turned our passion into a way of life. We've got our own orchids, of course, but we've also got some amazing local partners who specialize in growing orchids that are perfectly suited for the elevation and climate of their farms. With 10 of the world's myriad climate zones, the Orchid Isle is a magical place for orchids and us!


Kalapana Kev

Living the Aloha Dream!