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Paph. Nike's Sunny Delight (Paph. Avalon Mist x Paph. Pinocchio), multi florial

Paph. Nike's Sunny Delight (Paph. Avalon Mist x Paph. Pinocchio), multi florial

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An adorable petite multi floral, sequential blooming lady slipper

Paph. Nike's Sunny Delight is composed of species of which 100% take low light and 100% take medium light.  Grow this hybrid in shaded to dappled light conditions.

Grow this hybrid in warm conditions, or 66°F to 75°F at night.  It may be tolerant of hot (75°F to 85°F) night temperatures.

60%-70% humidity.   Do NOT allow mature plants to dry out between waterings. Grow in a pot with media that drains well but retains moisture. Commonly cultivated indoors. Fertilize weekly, very lightly (one quarter the normal dose). Common media: fine fir bark, with a little perlite.



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