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Stanhopea oculata

Stanhopea oculata

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Stanhopea oculata originates from Central and South America. This captivating orchid is known for its remarkable and intricate flowers, which are often considered among the most stunning in the orchid world. The blooms typically appear in late spring or early summer, the flowers spike from the bottom of the roots (hanging baskets recommended).  They are sizable, each 10" long pendent inflorescence has 2-7 pale flowers spotted in purple. Each flower is 5" long and will last about 4 days.  The large lip of the flower features eye-catching red and purple spots, adding to its allure.  One of the most remarkable aspects of this orchid is its fragrance, which has been described as a delightful "Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!"

The orchid has developed a unique relationship with a specific species of bee known as Euglossine bees. These bees are attracted to the fragrance of the orchid and are enticed to enter the flower in search of its alluring scent. As the bee enters the flower, it inadvertently brushes against the orchid's reproductive organs, collecting and depositing pollen. The bee then moves on to the next Stanhopea oculata flower, allowing for cross-pollination to occur.

The Caring for Stanhopea oculata is relatively easy.  It thrives in a warm and humid environment, similar to its natural rainforest habitat. It prefers bright, indirect light and good air circulation. The soil should be kept moist but not overly wet, as the orchid does not tolerate waterlogged conditions.  Additionally, providing a slight temperature drop at night can promote healthy growth and flowering.



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